In the Countryside

The countryside and the country both mean ‘not the city’. Country can also mean a nation (e.g. France, China).

Things we can see in the countryside

Living and working in the countryside

In the countryside, people usually live in a small town (e.g. 6,000 people) or village (e.g. 700 people).
A farmer lives on a farm and works in the fields.
(small house in a village or out in the countryside).
My friend lives in a cottage

Nature and conservation

Nature means ‘everything in the natural world’ (= animals, birds, plants, etc.).
I love nature. [NOT I love -the nature.]
I like walking in the countryside. [NOT I like walking in the nature. ‘Nature’ is not a place.]

When we talk about animals, birds, fish and insects, we can say wildlife.

Near the village there is a conservation area (= place where wildlife and nature are protected).
In the south of the country, there is a national park (= very big national conservation area).

Things to do in the countryside:

You can take food and drink have a picnic

You can go walking/skiing in the mountains