In a Hotel

At reception:

Do you have a single room (= for one person) a double room (= for two people)?
How much is a single room with a bathroom?
I have a reservation. (= I booked a room) My name is …

The receptionist may say:
Your room is on the first floor. The lift is over there.
Here is your key.
Would you like some help with your luggage?
Can you fill in this form, please?
Sign here, please. (= write your name)
Please, check your bill. (= make sure it is correct)

When you leave you say,
Can I check out, please?
Can I have the bill, please?

Using the telephone:

How do I get an outside line? (You want to phone someone who is not in the hotel.)
What is the code for Korea / Poland, etc.?
Can I have breakfast in my room, please?
Can I have a morning call, please? At 6.30. (You want to wake up at 6.30.)
What time is breakfast/lunch/dinner?

Changing money:

You can often change money in a big hotel. Here are some useful phrases.
Can I (ex)change some money, please?
Can I change some dollars into pounds, please?
How many yen to the pound at the moment? (yen = Japanese currency)
Can I cash a traveller’s cheque?