How to Use Spaced Repetition for Effortless Word Memory

“There is no substitute for attentive repetition.”

– Daniel Coyle
The Spaced Repetition System for memory is another powerful hack into the way your mind works best. Your mind remembers new words and phrases and lessons in English more easily and for longer, the more times it has been exposed to the thing. If you can remind yourself of a new word just before the moment when you would have forgotten it, then it will stay fresh in your mind.

The key to masterful memorization is to give your mind the information again before you forget it. At just the right time. Spaced repetition means timing the new information so that you are exposed to it shortly after you first learn it, then a slightly longer period after that. Then a longer period after that. And so on.
This way the new word is always fresh and feeling recent in your mind. It might sound strange, but it truly works. Try it out.

For example, when you first learn a new English word, it’s ideal to remind yourself of it 30 minutes later. Then 2 hours after that. Then one day later. Then 2 days after that. Then you can take a one week breaks. Then you should remind yourself of it 2 weeks after that. Then a month break. Then 2 months. And so on.
This way the new word stays perfectly fresh in your mind.

Of course, when you’re learning dozens of new words at a very fast pace, as you will be when you follow the tips in this course. It can be hard to keep up with what words you have to look at when. Or is it?

Fortunately, there’s an app for that. Anki App – one of my favorite English-learning tools. Use this app and enter your new words every day. Then the app will remind you of them (lightly test your memory of them) at just the right time intervals in-between, following the Spaced Repetition System.

You can use Anki App and this system for words, expressions and whole phrases. Even grammatical points you are trying to remember. Just put them in and let the app do the clever stuff. Think of how much faster you will absorb and memorize new English following this optimized system, rather than students who have no idea about when to repeat a new word or not.

For the most powerful effect of this memory technique, combine it with the memory tricks of the previous chapter. It’s ten times more powerful when used in combination. And of course, combine them with everything else learned in the book. You’ll soon be flying forward.

One for the greatest tools for learning English words and phrases, is in fact one of the simplest. The next chapter will show you the right way to use flash cards.