Get /got /got

Get with adjectives: for changes

Get wih nouns

If you don’t have something you can get it.
I want to send a postcard. I have to get a stamp.
I’ve finished my studies. Now I want to get a job.
My friend is ill! Please get a doctor.
Do you want a drink? I can get some coffee.
I’m going to the shop to get a newspaper.
Where can I get a taxi?

Get to (arrive at / reach a place)

How can I get to the airport? Take the airport bus at the bus station.
When you get to New York, ring me. OK, give me your number.

Other phrases with get

Maria and David are getting married in April.
When you get back from Hong Kong, (ring me. (= return / come home)
When I get home, I have my lunch.
I get there at 6 o’clock, so please ring me at 6.30.
[not get -to- home or get -to there.]