Follow a Course that Uses All These Principles to Maximize Your Speed of Progress

“A good teacher knows how to bring out the best in his or her students.” – Charles Kuralt
English can be best learned alone. Especially if you are at higher levels of the language. However, it can be very effective to follow an appropriate English course. But such courses are rare.

Any course you follow should be very strongly based on the principles in this book. Especially to emphasize that you relax and enjoy yourself, and then begin making – actually speaking – sentences as quickly as possible. Only learning grammar after you are speaking with some confidence.

The course should follow a Spaced Repetition System, to enhance your memory. And especially importantly, it should focus on getting you comfortable with the most common words and phrases and language structures first. So that very quickly you are making real sentences in the same way that a native English speaker speaks.

I am building such a course. It is designed for beginners in English and lower level students, to get you to a confident level of practical speaking as quickly as possible.

Until it is published, I recommend that you carefully investigate the methodology of any English course you come across. Even a course that leans towards these highly efficient English-learning techniques will be better than one that does not know anything about optimal learning.

Whether you study alone or follow a course, the next chapter teaches you what is probably the number one most important factor in learning anything. Especially the English language.