• Enough comes after adjectives (without nouns) and adverbs.
      [adjective/adverb + enough]
      Is it warm enough for you? (NOT . . . enough warm . . .)
      You’re not driving fast enough.
  • Enough comes before nouns.
      [enough (+ adjective) + noun]
      Have you got enough milk? (NOT . .. enough of milk.)
      There isn’t enough blue paint left.
      We use enough of before pronouns and determiners (for example the,
      my, this).
      enough of + pronoun We didn’t buy enough of them
      enough of + determiner (+ adjective) + noun The exam was bad. I couldn ‘t answer enough of the questions. Have we got enough of those new potatoes?
  • We can use an infinitive structure after enough.
      [ … enough… + infinitive]
      She’s old enough to do what she wants.
      I haven’t got enough money to buy a car.
      [.. . enough… + for + object + infinitive ]
      It’s late enough for us to stop work.