Eating out

Places where you can eat:

cafe: you can have a cup of tea/coffee and a snack there (= something small to eat like a sandwich or a cake). They sometimes serve meals there too. restaurant: you go there for a full meal; more expensive than a cafe.

bar/pub: bars and pubs serve alcohol and soft drinks (= non-alcoholic drinks like fruit juice and lemonade); you can usually have a meal or a snack there too. sandwich bar: a place that serves lots of different kinds of sandwiches. People usually buy sandwiches and take them to eat in a different place, at work or in the park, fast food restaurant: you can get a quick hot meal there, for example burger and chips, self-service restaurant/cafe: you take what you want, pay for it and carry it to your table.

In a restaurant:

Ordering food:

waiter: Are you ready to order?
CUSTOMER: Yes, I’d like tomato soup and steak, please.
WAITER: Would you like the steak with chips or new potatoes? And how would you like
your steak – rare, medium or well-done?
CUSTOMER: Well-done, please. And with chips.
WAITER: And what would you like to drink?
WAITER: Is everything all right?
CUSTOMER: Thank you, it’s very nice.