Do did done

Do as auxiliary

What are you doing?

Do as a general verb
What do you do to relax? I listen to music.
Don’t do that, Tommy.
What are the people in the picture doing? They’re dancing.

What do you do?

What do you do? (= What is your job?)
I’m a student, or I’m a teacher, or I’m an engineer.
What does your wife do? (= What’s your wife’s job?)
She’s a doctor, or She’s a secretary, or She’s a mechanic.

Do + task
do the housework
do the gardening
do the washing
do the washing-up
do your homework
do some exercises
do business with
do your best

Did you do the washing this morning?
No, I’m going to do it later.
Our company does a lot of business with the USA.
The homework exercise is very difficult – just do your best.
Tip: Make a note of any expressions with do that you find when you are reading in English.