Crimes, people who do them, and verbs:

There was a burglary at the school last night.
John West murdered his wife.
There are a lot of muggings in the city centre.
A robber robs a person or a place. That bank was robbed yesterday. My sister was robbed in the city centre.
A thief steals something (steal/stole/stolen). Somebody stole my bicycle, [not Somebody robbed my bicycle.]
I was robbed in the city centre yesterday, [not I was stolen.]

The law:

A student was arrested for shoplifting this morning.
The police came to the school and spoke to his teacher.
The student has to go to court next week.
If he is guilty he will have to pay a fine.
If he is innocent he can go home.
I don’t think he will go to prison.

Other crime problems:

Some vandals broke the windows in the telephone box.
(A vandal breaks and smashes things.)
We have a lot of vandalism in my town.
A lot of young people take drugs nowadays.
Is football hooliganism a problem in your country?
(A football hooligan is a person who goes to a football match and makes trouble.)