Birth, marriage and death


Diana had a baby yesterday.
It was born at 1.15 yesterday morning. It weighed 3 kilograms.
They are going to call him John – after John, his grandfather.
Grandfather John’s birthday is June 16th too – but he was born in 1945!
The baby’s parents were born in 1974.


If you do not have a partner, you are single.
If you have a husband or wife, you are married.
If your husband or wife dies, you are widowed.
If your marriage breaks up, you are separated/divorced (the marriage has legally ended).

The wedding:

Bill and Sarah got married.
Sarah got married to Bill, [not with Bill] They (got) married in church.
They went on honeymoon to Italy.
They were married for twenty years.


Then Bill became ill.
He died last year.
He died of a heart attack.
Bill is dead.