(be) used to + noun or… -ing

After be used to, we use a noun or an -ing form.
The meaning is quite different from [used to + infinitive]
If you say that you are used to something, you mean that you know it well. You have experienced it so much that it is no longer strange to you.

    [be used to + noun]
    I’m used to London traffic — / Ve lived here for six years.
    At the beginning, I couldn’t understand the Londoners, because I wasn’t used to their accent.

We can use an -ing form after be used to, but not an infinitive.

    [be used to + .. . -ing]
    I’m used to driving in London now, but it was hard at the beginning. (NOT I’m used to drive . . .)
    It was a long time before she was completely used to working with old people.
    Get used to means ‘become used to’.
    You’ll soon get used to living in the country.